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Vote for leaders who can listen to your voices and can bring about positive change!

Kura Yako Sauti Yako is a civic awareness campaign which engages Kenyan citizens in their civic rights and their duties as a citizen to shape the future of Kenya!



Enhance credible and reliable information regarding electoral and political processes to the youth in Kenya.


Create a dependable, data-driven, evidence-based social media campaign that will enable the youth in Kenya to better understand their democratic rights.


Use this as an opportunity to re-introduce younger Kenyans who are secondary voters to the democratic participation tools they have at their disposal.


Create long-term social media strategies and in-person training curriculum materials that will incorporate comprehensive civic education to youth on democratic processes.


The Republic of Kenya stands at a pivotal crossroads in our history. On one hand, great and positive gains in the country's growth since 1990, including wealth more evenly distributed throughout all members of Kenyan society.

But on the other hand, agonizingly negative trends persist since 1990, rampant corruption filtered into our democratic process disenfranchising a whole generation of young adults who do not see themselves as integral to the democratic process.

In a robust democracy, all members of society need to understand and participate in governance.

Active citizenship in a democratic society must be based on informed knowledge, critical reflection, and the understanding and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities of each individual.

Our specialization


The Kura Yako, Sauti Yako program combines both in-person and virtual outreach activities with design thinking empowering bottom-up research, gamification, content creation, and training targeting Kenyan youth aged between 17 and 30 in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu and Machakos/Kitui as shown on the map to the right.

The program anticipates meaningful impactful citizen participation including peaceful elections, undisputed transfer of power to new administrations, greater community empowerment, more representative democracy across diverse ages, minority populations, and gender-balanced.

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